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MBBS in India vs.Abroad: Indian students have traditionally preferred to pursue their MBBS in India. However, with fewer than 80,000 seats available in India for over 15 million NEET hopefuls, securing a seat is difficult. This is when the opportunity to study MBBS overseas arises. However, most people are unsure of the benefits of studying abroad. This is a misconception, and studying MBBS overseas is an excellent choice if you are industrious and have a solid academic record. The decision you must make is whether you want to begin your study overseas or wait and attempt again for MBBS in India. You need to comprehend and compare your possibilities and Chances of studying MBBS in India versus overseas.

Here is a comparison of MBBS in India vs abroad

Comparison MBBS in India MBBS in abroad
Duration 4.2 years + 1- year internship 4 to 6 years complete the degree
Cost Very low fees in government colleges,
 ₹10 to 25lakh per annum plus budget in private colleges
The budget starts from ₹4lakh per annum
Marks required in NEET Qualifying marks at leastQualifying marks at least
Ease of getting admission very high marks in NEET required or a high budget for a private seat in India. still, only 80,000 seats are available for 15 lakh plus students.Admission is easy even in government universities ranking in the top 500 colleges in the world as per Qs ranking. more than 12,000 Indian students take Admission abroad for MBBS each year.
Exams of qualify NEETNEET, no requirement of SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.
Exit Exam for License Qualifying for NEET is compulsory for a license.Qualifying for NEET is compulsory for a license.
(United States Medical Licensing Examination)
A better option if you want to settle in EuropeNot a good option Georgia is a better option than India
Recognition Worldwide Worldwide

Let us discuss these points in detail:

Duration -MBBS in India vs abroad

The MBBS overseas duration in India is 5.2 years, beginning with the 2019 session. Earlier, it was 5.5 years. This includes one year of internship.
The duration of an MBBS overseas varies by nation; in some countries, it is four years, including an internship, while in others it is six years.

Cost- MBBS in India vs abroad

If you secure a government seat in India, the cost will be quite low. However, the expense of pursuing an MBBS in a private college in India is extremely high, and acquiring a seat is not an option.
If you are wondering how much it costs to study MBBS abroad, you may be astonished to learn that the total cost, including tuition, dormitory fees, and mess fees, ranges from ₹34 to 45 lakh. MBBS abroad is less expensive than MBBS in India.

Marks required in NEET – MBBS in India vs abroad

In both cases, you need to qualify for NEET. To get admission in India, you either need to score 600+ marks for government colleges or you need to have a high budget.
For MBBS abroad, you need to get qualifying marks in NEET. Some universities might ask for 200 marks in NEET but in most cases, you just need to get the qualifying marks. Also, admission is on a first-come-first-serve basis, you have the option to choose.

Ease of getting admission – MBBS in India vs abroad

When it comes to India, you can’t get admission to the college you want, you can only choose from the college of which you clear the cut-off. More than 10 lakh students will not even have one option open to them for MBBS in India. However, when it comes to MBBS abroad, you just need to qualify for NEET. You will get the option to choose from a vast number of colleges. It is easy to get admission to study MBBS abroad.

Exams to qualify -MBBS abroad vs abroad

For MBBS admission in India, you must not only pass NEET but also achieve a good score. Global Medical Foundation sent students to pursue MBBS abroad in 2019 with scores ranging from 560-570. Getting a high score may not be enough to secure a seat in India.
There is no entrance exam for admission to practically any college in Georgia, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, and Ukraine; nevertheless, qualifying for the NEET is mandatory. There is only one entrance exam for admission to the MBBS (MD) program in the Philippines, known as NMAT.

USMLE Track – MBBS in India vs abroad

While there is no USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) track in India, medical institutes abroad do teach students for the USMLE.
The USMLE is a three-step examination for a postgraduate seat in the United States.

Recognition – MBBS in India vs abroad

For a degree to be acknowledged in India, the college must be MCI accredited. This applies to both Indian and international colleges. According to the new NMC bill, after obtaining an MBBS in India or overseas, students must qualify for NEXT to obtain a license in India.
In terms of international recognition, degrees from practically every college in Georgia, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Ukraine are recognized around the world.

Who should not go for MBBS abroad?

The most important question is if you should attend a medical college overseas. The first thing to keep in mind is that you must pass the NEET exam in order to study overseas. MCI-accredited colleges in countries such as Ukraine, Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan will not admit students who did not pass the NEET. If you intend to qualify for NEET or have qualified for NEET within the last three years, you can apply abroad.

Students with 600+ grades and those with a large budget no longer need to pursue MBBS abroad.
If you fit into either of these two categories, you will almost probably be admitted to India. In the 2019 session, the Global Medical Foundation sent numerous students who scored between 550 and 570 in NEET to study MBBS abroad. This means that achieving a top 10,000 rating in NEET may not be sufficient for admission to India.

Biggest Dilemma for Students

The most difficult decision for students is whether to drop out or pursue an MBBS degree abroad. If you recently passed your 12th grade and took the NEET but did not receive decent results, you may be considering this question. Only you can answer this question.

As a student, you will be able to determine whether taking a drop is worthwhile. If you are confident that you will achieve at least 580+ marks in NEET (or enough scores depending on the quota that applies to you) or that you will be able to obtain a seat in India next year, then drop. However, keep in mind that there are only 80,000 places for over 15 lakh hopefuls.
If you believe your scores will not exceed 550 or will be between 135 and 450, accepting a dip may not be the greatest option. The ideal option is to save time and study MBBS abroad.
You need to determine what is best for you. Sit down, reflect, and make the greatest decision for yourself. The ultimate goal is to become a doctor, and for that, you must be hardworking. Remember that there are many ways to be successful; you must choose the best road for you.

Who Should go for MBBS abroad?

Most students’ second choice is to study MBBS abroad, however this tendency is slowly changing. The first need is that you be NEET qualified. You should absolutely pursue an MBBS abroad.

  • If you are hardworking this is the most important thing!
  • you want to become a doctor, it has been your dream you want to do whatever it takes to become one.
  • in case you have already given NEET multiple times but are unable to get a seat in India.
  • if you scored between 135 and 550 marks in NEET and you can’t get a seat in India.
  • in case you can’t afford the fees of private colleges despite scoring good marks in NEET, the fees for MBBS abroad start from ₹35lakh in total. you can complete MBBS abroad within a budget of ₹45akh.

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