MBBS in Georgia – One of the Famous Places for Indian Students

Georgia has developed as a popular destination for Indian students pursuing MBBS education. MBBS in Georgia is a new and emerging option for students from all over the world, including those from India. Georgian colleges have a reputation for being student-centered and offering high-quality education while encouraging cross-cultural exchange. Furthermore, as compared to MBBS programs abroad, MBBS in Georgia maintains a reputation for providing excellent value for money with cutting-edge offers.
MBBS universities in Georgia provide the best facilities to all medical students, including those who have not completed the two-language test (IELTS + TOEFL). In certain cases, the country’s rules are fairly flexible. MBBS in Georgia is a forum for medical students.

Why Students Are Choosing MBBS in Georgia?

There are various reasons why students choose Georgia for MBBS. Let’s look at some of the key ones:

  • WHO and UNESCO recognize the bulk of Georgia’s medical universities.
  • Students pursuing an MBBS in Georgia can begin doing experiments and clinical clerkships in the first semester. It also enables pupils to enhance and hone their talents.
  • Georgia’s medical universities do not take donations.
  • Students have various outstanding opportunities for internships and additional study throughout the country.
  • Georgian universities are well-equipped with advanced technology and infrastructure.
  • All of Georgia’s medical universities provide great student accommodations and easy access to Indian cuisine.
  • MBBS admission in Georgia is a highly reasonable choice for Indian students, as several colleges in Georgia provide low-cost MBBS programs.
  • Georgia is a completely secure country. Students can easily travel by public transportation such as buses, trains, and so on. 
  • Excellent international faculty.
  • International students receive a 50% discount on transportation. 
  • The admission process for admission to Georgia University is straightforward. A minimum of 50% is required for admission to the University of Georgia.
  • Georgia is an entirely secure country. Students can readily access public transportation such as buses, trains, and so on.
  • Excellent international professors.
  • International students save 50% on transport.
  • The admissions process at Georgia University is basic. Admission to the University of Georgia requires a minimum score of 50%.

Eligibility Criteria For MBBS IN Georgia

The following are the eligibility conditions for studying MBBS in Georgia.

  • You must be at least 17 years old on or before December 31st of the year you apply for admission.
  • Completing a 10+2 with Science requires taking Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English.
  • You must score at least 50% on your 10+2 grade exams.
  • To apply for MBBS courses, you must first complete the NEET exam.

What Is The Admission Process For MBBS In Georgia?

Let’s look into some of the basic points that you need to follow to take admitted to Georgia universities: 

Step 1Along with the necessary documentation, students must complete an online application form. 

Step 2: The university issues an offer letter as soon as it receives the application form. Students can deposit their fees in the university’s bank account. 

Step 3: After 30 days, the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia issues an accreditation letter to the students, after which the university receives a ministry order and issues an invitation letter to the students. 

Step 4: Once the above process is done, visa approval takes 30 days. 

Step 5: Once the fees are paid, the departure process is completed.

Documents Required For MBBS From Georgia

Make sure you have each of these documents ready before applying for MBBS admission in Georgia. The following documents are required to obtain a study visa: 

  • Original passport with a one-year validity period. 
  • Six passport-sized photographs
  • A fully completed application form for a student visa. 
  • Processing fee for admission/offer letter. 
  • A six-month bank statement and a copy of your income tax return are required. 
  • Admission invitation letter from the university to which you have applied for. 
  • IELTS or academic score card photocopies. 
  • Bank certificate for Rs.3-4 lakhs and bank statements for the previous three months. 
  • Academic transcripts and IELTS scorecards must be photocopied. 
  • The student has two-way tickets. 
  • A medical certificate containing complete HIV and vaccination reports.

Course Duration for MBBS in Georgia.

The duration of the MBBS degree in Georgia comprises both full-time study and internship:

Georgian medical universities offer a six-year MBBS programme. This covers five years of full-time study plus one year of internship. A year is divided into two six-month semesters.
Summing Up

Because of its student-friendly environment, MBBS in Georgia has been one of the most popular choices among Indian students. Many students choose Georgia for MBBS since it provides better and more employment prospects.

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